Show Goat Breeding Stock

Tree Shaker

Sire: Gator (Love Tap x A's Sister)

Dam: Bean 207 x Payday

Raised By: Mock Livestock

Owned By: BW Livestock & Mock Livestock

Semen Price: $200 per straw. Multi Buck packages & volume discounts available.

Much like Troy Landry’s Cajun legend, this buck is a unique creature. Tree Shaker is extremely shallow bodied and wedge shaped getting progressively wider & deeper from front to rear. He handles with a rock hard touch, shapely rack, and huge loin. He has a massive upper hip, big pin set, and carries that width square to the ground as he tracks away. Tree Shaker has great skin quality, high head carriage, and extremely long neck.

Note: Tree Shaker’s mother raised the 2015 Houston Livestock Show Champion Division 1 Wether!

Breeding Tip: Use Tree Shaker on bulkier, deeper sided, plainer looking females to improve look, handle, and skin quality.


Sire: (Bean Y12 x Guns & Roses)

Dam: Situation x Henkhaus Donor

Raised By: Twin M LLC

Owned By: Mock Livestock & Dangelmayr Show Goats

Semen Price: Semen Available $250 per straw. Multi buck packages and volume discounts available.

Blacklist is one of the biggest backed, most expressively muscled animals I’ve ever raised. He is explosive in his upper body cavity, has a huge rack, massive loin, wide pin set, and a deep ditch! In terms of true rib dimension and body shape this one is as unique as I’ve ever seen. He holds his topline composure, is strong out of the backside of his shoulder, and has perfect lines.

Blacklist is sired by “ML 4027” who himself was sired by Schrank/Bean Y12 and out of our best donor “ML 2012” who comes from the dream flush which produced the 2013 Grand Champion Wether at Fort Worth, Reserve Grand Champion at San Antonio and eventually the Clone buck who is the sire of Outlier. Blacklists’ mother was our $7500 purchase at the 2013 San Angelo Stars Doe Show from Mason Weadock. She is a flushmate to Mason’s Reserve Division Champion at the 2013 National Western Livestock Show.

  • Extreme in muscle shape and mass
  • Rear End to rival Beyoncé or the Kardashians
  • Should add muscle and power to any herd
  • Pedigree is packed with Champions


Sire: (Guns & Roses x El Comandante)

Dam: Bean 1703

Owned By: Mock Livestock & Schrank Show Goats

Semen Price: Semen Available $250 per straw. Multi buck packages and volume discounts available.

Fact: It takes an “Outlier” to win Major Stock Shows and this buck is certainly an “Outlier” in terms of bone, structure, and overall skeletal stoutness. Outlier is perfect on his feet & legs, is groove backed and hard muscled with a shapely rack and big loin. He is proportional in his body shape, wide chested, huge armed, and has a killer presence.

Genetically he is equally, if not more impressive! His sire is a Clone to “ML tag# 2015” who sold for $19,000 at Friday Night Fever and was the 2013 Grand Champion Wether at Fort Worth. That same year another flushmate sold for $19,500 and went on to be the 2013 Reserve Grand Champion at San Antonio. A full mate was also the 2011 Reserve Grand Champion at San Antonio. The mother of these 3 wethers was an El Comandante doe who also produced Gold Buckle, Love Tap’s mother, and the Reserve Champion Division 3 wether at the 2013 State Fair of Texas. Outlier’s dam is a daughter of Bean 1703 who sired the 2015 Reserve Grand Champion at San Antonio, 2015 Grand Champion at LSU, 2015 Grand Champion Doe at San Angelo, 2015 Champion Division 3 at Rodeo Austin, 2014 Reserve Grand at Eastern New Mexico, 2014 Grand Champion Doe at Georgia National, and the $31,000 all-time record selling wether at the 2014 Friday Night Fever. This long story became EPIC when Outlier’s two flushmate brothers were recently awarded Grand Champion honors at both the 2015 Missouri State Fair and 2015 Georgia National Livestock Show.

  • Flushmate to the 2016 Houston Livestock Show Grand Champion 
  • Flushmate to the 2015 Georgia National Grand Champion Wether
  • Flushmate to the 2015 Missouri State Fair Grand Champion Wether
  • Should sire highly marketable offspring that FEED for your customers
  • Offers a genetic breath of fresh air for most programs

Neon Lights

Sire: Dirty Dawg (Down N Dirty x Guns & Roses x Instant Addiction’s Mother) x Patron (Dam of BFMG Smash Mouth & BFMG Patron)

Dam: Down N Dirty

Owned By: Carrell Livestock, Stephenville, TX

Semen Price: $300 per straw, 2 straw limit.

Thank You to Carrell Livestock of Stephenville, TX for your purchase of Neon Lights

Neon Lights is a TRIPLE BRED GUNS & ROSES, an intensely line bred S66, and a descendant of Instant Addiction’s mother! His yellow head comes from the influential “PH Patron” doe who landed at Fleming Livestock a couple of years ago. After Bronc had flushed her twice yielding his stud bucks “Swiper” & “Smash Mouth”, we purchased her for $5,000 and the rest is history.

Neon lights is a product of blending the two most expressively muscled bucks we ever used!

  • Extreme muscle shape
  • Massive rack & Loin
  • Very 3-dimensional
  • Offspring is very marketable and they are winning
    • Sired the $16,500 high selling wether @ Friday Night Fever
    • Sired a $7,000 wether @ Friday Night Fever
    • Sired Grand Champion at the Halfmann Livestock Classic


Sire: Face the Facts (Absolute x Status Quo)

Dam: Powell Holman

Owned By: Mock Livestock & Stork Livestock

  • $8,750 Purchase
  • Our pick of the 2015 Friday Night Fiesta
  • Offers a different pedigree & different look
  • Powerful, moderate framed & round bodied
  • Larry Duncan said this is the heaviest muscled goat he’s ever put together!